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Our translation prices are simple:


In any language
From 20₾ 1 page

Translation into any language presented on the website 1 page – from 20 GEL by difficulty. We make translations into 10 different languages.


How to understand how many pages are in the text?

While translating, 1 page is considered 1800 characters of a text. While calculating characters do not take into account Spaces.
The amount of the translated text is rounded up to half a page (for example 2500 characters are considered as 1,5 page).

How to calculate the characters in the text?

To calculate the number of characters in the text you can use the program Word’s function – Word Count.
It can be done with the help of the following buttons:

wordcount2-540x209 Home_ENG

In the pop-up window attention should be paid to the field marked with red: wordcount wordcount Home_ENG

[[[["field9","contains","\u10dc\u10dd\u10e2\u10d0\u10e0\u10d8\u10e3\u10da\u10d0\u10d3 \u10d3\u10d0\u10db\u10dd\u10ec\u10db\u10d4\u10d1\u10d0"]],[["set_value",null,"5",null,"field15"]],"and"],[[["field6","equal_to","\u10d8\u10dc\u10d2\u10da\u10d8\u10e1\u10e3\u10e0\u10d8"]],[["redirect_to"],[]],"and"]]
Step 1

Translation price calculation and order

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Number of pages1800 characters=1 page

Price: [field6*field17+(field9*field17)] ₾

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3 simple steps

You complete a special form and send us a text. The Operator contacts you. We verify the price and time of translation.


Highly qualified professionals will make the translation within the agreed time.


After the completion of translation we are sending the document to you electronically.

Service in details.
Online language translation service

You upload a file you wish to be translated on our website and in the shortest possible time you will receive the translated document on your personal mail account.



We offer the Proofreading service of the document.

Check out the corporate offer

We offer the exclusive corporate services for the translation of the documents.
The corporate Translator attached to your company will receive the documentation from you in both electronic and printed forms, provide the translation in the shortest period of time and deliver the completed work in the form acceptable to you.

We care about the translations so you can concentrate on their content and your business.

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